Rocket Challenge with Ivan Miranda

This page is about a Rocket Challenge I did with Ivan Miranda. There are some videos about this, or scroll down for pictures and words.

Our aim was to make SpaceX style rockets that could fly and land vertically. Check out Ivan’s video for his build!

My approach was to use 3 EDFs – two for the main lift of the rocket, and another one for stability. The whole thing is controlled by an Arduino MEGA 2650 and an MPU6050 IMU which tries to keep it all upright.

Two of my EDFs have controllable pitch with servos – this stops the rocket spinning because all of the EDFs rotate in the same direction.

The rocket is divided into two axis to match the two axis of the IMU, so the pitch-controlled EDFs also try to stabilise the rocket in that axis. The IMU and batteries are stored in the nose.

I travelled to Spain to visit Ivan and fly our rockets! Check out the video above to see the results