This page is specifically for links to external resources that I find useful for my projects. I can’t teach everyone all the skills needed to complete every detail of every project, so it’s worth checkout out the items below in order to learn the skills needed and find suitable suppliers for materials.

Prop building forums


The Replica Prop Forum

General prop and costuming

The Hunters Lair

Predator prop and costuming

The Dented Helmet

Boba Fet and Star Wars costuming

The Superhero costuming forum

General superhero costuming

Robocop Archive

Robocop costuming

R2 / Astromech prop building

Halo costuming

The Effects Lab

Move/FX, sculpture etc


Pepakura Resources


Pepakura Designer

The program you need to open .pdo Pepakura files

The RPF Pepakura thread

Lots of information on Pepakura

Most Halo costumes are made in Pepakura so this is a really good resource


Electronics/hacks Resources


Electro Tech

Electronics forums and information


I use the Picaxe microcontroller for lots of stuff, they are also used in schools.


Daily projects for inspiration

Hacked Gadgets

Similar to Hackaday with some larger articles

Make blog

Make Magazine’s project blog


UK Suppliers


Thames Valley supplies

This is where I got my Plastazote foam from

Bentley Chemicals

Various moulding and casting supplies


Smooth-on products in the UK, they are part of Bentley Chemicals


Scupture, moulding and casting supplies

Active Robots

Servos, mechanics, electronics etc


Servos, mechanics, electronics etc

Mindsets Online

General creative/educational materials/science

RS Components

Electronics and mechanics

Rapid Electronics

Electronic components


Plastic sheeting and other materials

Stephen Webster Plastics

Plastic sheeting and other materials