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Iron Man Hulkbuster

In progress details for my Hulkbuster Iron man suit.

3D Printed Star Wars R2-D2 style R6 Droid

An entirely 3D printed R2-D2 style droid!

Star Wars EP7 BB-8 Droid VERSION 3

BB-8 Droid prototype from Star Wars EP7, VERSION 3

Star Wars EP7 BB-8 Droid VERSION 2

BB-8 Droid prototype from Star Wars EP7, VERSION 2

Star Wars EP7 BB-8 Droid

BB-8 Droid prototype from Star Wars EP7, aka Ball Balancing Robot

Project Ultron

Building a real Ultron robot!

Iron Man Cosplay MkVI suit

The in-progress project for my life sized Cosplay Iron Man MKVI costume armour, which will be updated as I make the pieces. The suit was originally made from Plastazote/EVA foam, sealed and painted, moulded in Silicone RTV, and cast in a combination of Smooth-on Polyurethane resin and Polyester resin based fiberglass. The strapping system has been created to allow each rigid piece to attach with magnetic catches, which will eventually allow a machine to place the armour on the wearer. A YouTube build play list is also included.

Back To The Future Mr Fusion Prop Build

This page is about my replica Mr Fusion build - the 'home energy reactor' which powers the Delorean in BTTF 2

3D Printed Alien Xenomorph Suit

This project will be almost entirely 3D Printed. The original alien suit in the movie was made from a combination of fiberglass and latex rubber. I attempted a similar build to this some time ago which proved messy and time consuming.

Short Circuit Johnny 5 Project

Current initial thoughts about a full size Johnny 5 build, from 80's movie Short Circuit.

3D Printed Arc Reactor Prop

This is Arc Reactor prop which has been designed for printing on a home 3D printer.

Sci-Fi Laser Blaster

This section is about my Sci-Fi Laser Blaster build - using only a low power laser pointer to generate a visible beam.

3D printed projects

This section is all about 3D printing using my Lulzbot AO-101 printer, CAD, and anything else associated.

Android 12

My 12th bipedal android project taking the best features from some of my previous designs. This android will use dynamic stability provided by R/C heading gyros like Android 11, but this time this method will be used on the majority of the degrees of freedom. Most of the parts will be 3D printed.

Experimental boat building

The in-progress series of articles about building my experimental boat hull. I wanted to come up with a process which is easy to carry out without specialised tools, so I have started with an expanded Polystyrene frame which is covered with fiberglass. The series includes ideas and experimentation with materials, as well as construction progress with pictures and videos.

All About Materials

This is an index of materials that I commonly use for the projects on this website. The list will expand as I write more about different materials - I intend to cover sculpting, moulding, casting, sheet materials and more. Some YouTube videos and links to appropriate example projects are included.

All about my Raspberry Pi

This page is for info and general notes about using the Raspberry Pi. More pictures and video to follow as I get on with it.

Star Wars Props and Projects

A series of articles about various Star Wars Props and Projects that I've built over the years. Includes my life size R2-D2, C-3PO, Jabba the Hut, and props I made for a Star Wars theme party.

Giger Style Alien Costume

My life sized Giger Alien style suit. This project has yet to be completed, but includes the process for making every piece of the suit from latex in plaster moulds. The head was sculpted in clay, moulded in latex with a rigid mother mould, and cast in Jesmonite based fiberglass. There is also a YouTube video which explains the process.

Dollar store Terminator Endoskull

This is another Dollar Store build, made with items found in the 99p store in the UK. The article includes pictures of each piece that I used, as well as a YouTube video and pictures explaining the construction process. This project has been featured on Makezine blog, Hackaday, and others.

Mobile Robotics Navigation Project

This is a series of articles about my experimental mobile robot navigation hardware and software, primarily using the 914 PC-BOT from White Box Robotics, and Microsoft Kinect sensor.

Basic Electronics Tutorials

My series of electronics tutorials, starting with Ohms law, How to Solder, wire LEDs, and an intro to the PICAXE Microcontroller. These tutorials should be useful to anyone who wants to add simple electronics to prop or robot projects.

Android 11

My 11th bipedal Android project, using cheap servos, R/C heading gyros and a single PICAXE to achieve dynamic stability. All the pieces were made by hand with hand tools, the android is approximately half-human sized. This project has been featured on Hackaday twice, updates will be provided as I build more. There is a series of YouTube videos about the construction and testing.

Older Android Projects

An index of articles about Android projects that I have built over the years, and associated YouTube videos. Some of these projects date back to 2004, mostly near-human sized walking machines.

Plastic coating foam and expanded polystyrene pieces

A process I came up with for rigid plastic coating expanded polystyrene and Plastazote/EVA foam with off the shelf items, which gives an excellent finish to costume/prop parts. The surface can then be painted with plastic primer and automotive paints. A YouTube video is included demonstrating the process on a test piece.

Experimental Wind Turbine

The in-progress series of articles about building an experimental wind turbine, in order to achieve low speed-high torque, as well as high speed-low torque, so that electricity can be generated and the turbine can be used to drive a mechanical load. This series will be updated with ideas, experiments and testing pictures and videos as I go.

Vacuum forming table and heating solution

Information about my Vacuum forming setup including my easy heating solution using a Quartz patio heater with a diffuser to evenly heat the plastic sheet. There are a couple of videos about this as well as pictures and words. My vacuum forming table has been featured on Hackaday, Makezine blog, and Adam Savage's Tested blog and podcast.

DIY and Repairs

This is an index of articles for DIY and repairs I have performed, including building a hot tub cabin from decking wood and repairs to R/C helicopters. There are YouTube videos showing the process of the repairs included within each article.

Physics Tricks

This page features YouTube videos of anti-gravity optical illusions that I built from scratch, including a working Penrose Staircase, and a lot of things rolling up hill.

Duct Tape Dummy

If you want to make a mannequin for your costume project, then this article explains the process of making a custom Duct Tape Dummy to your exact proportions.


Traction Kite Project

The in progress project for my large kite which I made from scratch with fabric and a sewing machine. This is modelled on a leading edge inflatable (LEI) kite, but using 'water noondles' made from foam instead of inflatable sections. There are two testing videos, but I've yet to fly it in real wind.

Older Prop Projects

This is a series of articles about older prop projects that I built in 2008-2010. Most of these projects were part of my learning process for sculpting/moulding/casting, so they are not the best they could be, but show invaluable experience for building projects which I've attempted since.