12931197_10153829844249584_4441466083622577336_nHello and welcome to Xrobots. My name is James Bruton and I live in Southampton, UK. I have been interested in Electronics since as far back as I can remember. Born in 1976, I grew up near Brighton, a town on the English south coast. I went to university in Birmingham in the late ‘90s, living in nearby Tamworth. Soon after university, I moved to London and played drums in a band called The Wardrobe.

As time went on, I became interested in other hobbies, spending more time on electronics work and in 2004 I registered the “XRobots.co.uk” domain, as a virtual space to display updates on my ongoing projects. Soon after, on September 23, 2006 I began the XRobots Youtube Channel.

In 2013, I began taking the YouTube channel to a new level, I committed myself to uploading a new video every Tuesday. Due to the success of my Youtube channel, which now has over 350,000 subscribers, I was recruited by Bladez Toyz, this gave me the opportunity to leave my previous day job and afforded me with more time to work on projects for the Youtube channel.

I must mention that this is my personal project website and I have no products for sale, most of the information is provided so that you can have a go yourself.

If you wish to follow me on social media and Youtube, please see the relevant Icons in the banner of this website.

James Bruton – XRobots