This is my R2-D2 project from several years ago, it was made from a partially finished project someone else had started, as well as parts made from scratch by me.

Each section of the build is detailed below there is also a discussion thread in my forums about this project. There is also a YouTube video which partially discusses plans for R2-D2.

The dome

I bought a part build dome from eBay, which had most of the light, electronics and featured installed. However it was missing the 'pie panels', which I had to make and add to the dome. This article includes pictures of the process and the finished dome.

The body

This part was also partially made when I got it, although I had to cut out the skins in two layers by hand and attach them to the frame. This article includes pictures of the process, and the finished body.

The legs

The feet for R2 were purchased from eBay, but I had to make the rest of the legs from scratch from wood. Most of the pieces were plastic coated with my vacuum forming table. This article includes pictures of all the pieces, and the finished legs.

The finished assembly

This article shows all the pieces of R2 together.

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