Initial Designs & Development

This project is my build of a working ExoSuit Power Suit inspired by Iron Man. There are various R&D videos which you can find below. Scroll down for pictures of the actual build.





Check out the video above for more detail on the build of the first joint. I’m using an R/C brushless motor with gears printed in Taulman Alloy 910 to make what is essentially a winch. This pulls cord around a pair of block & tackles so that the load is spread across multiple components – these act like a bicep and tricep to pull a chain around a sprocket to actuate the main output:

The blue cord is Paracord with a 510lb breaking strain – this is is around a quarter of a metric ton. The output sprocket is mounted on M20 studding and two steel bearings in bearing blocks, although this is probably overkill!. All of the pulleys are also 3D printed in Taulman Alloy 910:

I’ve strung the cord so that it doesn’t get caught around itself on the output winch shaft of the gearbox: