Cosmetics, Sounds & Testing

This page is about the cosmetics, lights & sounds. Check out the main project index for the rest.

There are some YouTube videos about this, scroll down for pictures and words:



I’ve added the rest of the frame parts to flesh out the Droid’s box shape. The Droid will remain a cut-away so you can see how it works – I also need frequent access inside the Droid for maintenance and general poking. I’ve added some conduit and 3D Printed junctions boxes for effect only.

At the front there is a control panel with two large buttons (that do nothing) and some LEDs which flash a fairly random sequence – they all turn white when sounds play. Sounds are contained on an Adafruit SoundFx board and played through an amp and speakers – these were taken from a USB powered pair of computer speakers so they can be powered from the main USB boost adapter on board.