Giant Lego HyperReality Blaster!

This page is about my Mixed-Reality game concept using HTC Vive tracking and giant 3D printed Lego bricks. There is a video about this project, or scroll down for pictures and words.

I’ve developed a game concept, using 3D printed giant Lego bricks as an example, which shoots a Lego brick from a physical Lego gun, through the virtual world, but then back into the physical world to hit physical targets. I’m using HTC Vive tracking to merge & align the virtual and physical worlds.

I’m using giant 3D printed Lego Minifigs as targets – I used the same 3D files to make physical and virtual versions of them. Each one as a base which knocks over the physical version – this is triggered when the virtual version is shot with the virtual Lego brick – check out the video above.

I think this is ‘Augmented Reality on steroids’ (I’m calling it ‘Hyper Reality’) because it goes a step further than typical AR. Of course it could go further still by attaching a Vive tracker to the physical output, in this case the target(s), and then tracking that back into the virtual world. In fact we could go in and out of the virtual world as many times as we wished for some concepts.

There are other concepts that could use this type of game-play. Other examples could include a Rube Goldberg Machine with some stages being virtual and some being physical – where each stage triggers the next, or an interactive art or movie prop installation where a physical item controls the virtual world, which in-turn controls the physical world. Multiple trackers & input devices could also be used at once to allow for multiple players.