VR Hoverbike Simulator Game

Working with Postmouth University CCI Faculty, I’m building a VR Hoverbike Simulator for Final Year Degree students in computer games design and animation to make a finished game!

There are some videos about this project, or scroll down for pictures and words.

The main construction of the bike is box section steel and plywood. It’s probably overkill, but it’s going to live at the University and it could be ridden by ‘anyone’, so best that we make it really strong!

The concept is a ‘rocking horse on a rocking horse’ so the player can lean in two directions to steer the game and fly around.

I’m using a motorbike seat from eBay and some BMX handlebars:

I’ve bolted the plywood parts to the steel – all of it comes apart for transport.

to keep the top section located on the bottom, there’s a middle piece that stops it tipping sideways:

…that has bearings on it so it can rock back and forth but take load sideways:

Along the bottom deck, I’ve built a rack out of aluminium tube that locates into the top deck to stop it drifing:

The top deck runs on some rubber mat for dampening:

The VR tracking happens via an HTC Vive tracker which will get the bike’s lean into the VR environment, it also has a breakout for switches which is wired to the pedals and handlebar switches/levers:

More to follow!