Testing the hull modifications on water

Experimental Boat Build – Testing on Water

This page is about testing the boat on water after the hull modifications, check out the main project index for the rest.

There is a YouTube video about this which shows the testing as well as thoughts on the next steps.

Testing took place in the sea at East Wittering, West Sussex. In all the boat seemed far more stable after the hull modifications, so now it’s time to think about fixing the aesthetics of the boat, as well as propulsion.

I purchased a second hand Seadoo SeaScooter which is shown in the video above. This was pretty cheap and doesn’t appear to have much wrong with it other than a dead battery. My plan was to hack external power onto it and use it as an electric outboard, although we’ll have to replace the battery before we can see if there’s enough thrust.

The SeaScooter is triggered by a lever with a magnet on the end and a magnetic reed switch so it can maintain a water tight seal. This means that it would be easy to turn off and on remotely using an electro magnet.

I’d also like to build an electric outboard from scratch using 3D printing and a couple of auto wiper motors I have spare.

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