R2-D2 Body

R2-D2 body construction

This page is about constructing the body for R2-D2. You can the rest of the assembly process in themain project index.

I bought a half finished project on eBay, which included a half finished dome and body. This consisted of a wooden frame and some resin cast details.

Here are pictures of the body that I bought, with the uncut skins wrapped around it:

I also got hold of some resin cast ‘coin slots’ and the ends of the ‘battery boxes’, which I didn’t end up using:

I also had the plans for the inner and outer skins, which needed to be cut out of sheets of plastic so they can be wrapped around the frame. This took a very long time to cut by hand with a knife:

The two layers of skins cut and test fitted on the body:

The bottom of the body was made from MDF and plastic sheeting. I then vacuum formed over it:

Some of the blue sections from the skin were painted blue and stuck back on. Funny how a little bit of blue make it suddenly look like R2: