Plumbing and Testing Laser Clusters

Sci-Fi Laser Blaster

This page is about plumbing and basic functionality. Check out the main project index for the rest.

Last time we looked generating water vapour to shine a low power laser through so we can see the beam. I’ve now moved onto the plumbing for the actual blaster. There is a YouTube video about this section.

I have three red lasers to use for this project, these are the front section of a laser pen without the battery part. I’ve 3D printed a holder to hold them which also holds down the power switches. I’m using a 3v voltage regulator board to power them:

The ultrasonic mister is in the bottom of my water container. I’ve used some 40mm plumbing accessories to make ‘in’ and ‘out’ vents, along with some 40mm clear acrylic pipe. The fan is mounted at the back to blow air in.

The ‘out’ vent for the water vapour sits along side where the main barrel of the blaster will be, so that the lasers shine directly through the mist.

The next step is to paint all the white parts black, and build the rest of the parts so it actually looks like a Sci-Fi blaster.