Misc Star Wars Extra Props

Misc Star Wars extra props

This project is about various quick Star Wars props, check out my other Star Wars props

In addition to R2-D2, C-3PO and Jabba the Hut, I’ve also made some cheaper props for my Star Wars theme party.

I started with a Biker Scout cardboard cut-out stand-up. First I sliced up a picture in Photoshop and printed it on lots of A4 sheets which is the largest my printer will do:

Next I cut all the edges off the individual sheets:

Here it is all laid out:

I used spray mount adhesive to stick it down to cardboard:

…and hot glue to reinforce the back with extra cardboard:


Here it is in my kitchen:

I also made an Ewok in the same way:

And then I did Han Solo in Carbonite in the same way to go with Jabba the Hut:

I’ve also blacked out my lounge by building a wooden frame inside and hanging black cloth everywhere. Here are the results: