Lower Torso

Project Ultron – A Real Robot!

This page is about the lower torso, check out the main project index for the rest.

There is a YouTube video about this section

The spine section for Ultron is hybrid ABS/Ninjaflex, so sections of it pictured in purple are flexible. The layers are linked with some cord, currently more Ninjaflex filament, which allows the tower to flex and twist:

Both ABS and Ninjaflex sections are currently printed in red but will later be clad on the outside in silver. The base is attached to a heavy duty tripod from a telecope:

I’ve made two 3D printed actuators for the front/Abs. These are each driven by a 300RPM geared motor:

I’ve built a top platform that the main shoulder and head mechanics will be mounted to:

At this point I started scaling out some of the cosmetics:

Hip parts have been added, which give a better sense of scale: