Android 12 Thigh Assembly

Android 12 Thigh assembly.

This page is about Android 12’s thigh assembly, check out the project index for the rest.

As with the rest of the android, all of the parts will be 3D printed, so my initial work is to design the pieces in CAD. I’m usingAutodesk 123D, which is free software. There is a YouTube video for this section, or scroll down for pictures and words.

Here are the initial CAD drawings and printed parts:

Here’s a picture of the thigh assemblies:

And the hips mounted on top:

The pivot parts are sprung at the back of the leg so they act as a balancer to keep the android upright. The thigh servos are not yet attached with any linkages, but the Android is fairly stable.

The servo will push/pull the front of the balancer pivot which is in turn linked to the hips via a pair of shock absorbers. This initially provides enough movement for the android to take small steps.

The next section will be battery holders and electronics mountings so I can do some initial testing.