Head & Neck Assembly

This page is about building Iron Spiderman on top of my RobotX project. There are some videos about this section, or scroll down for pictures and words.

I designed the main head shape using the ‘loft’ function in Fusion 360 between lots of sketches drawn on planes. I added thickness to it and made it into a solid object so it could be manipulated with the other modelling tools:

I decided to make the eyelids move, just like in the new movie!. This is easy when you don’t have to fit your head inside.

The eyelids are driven by servos and can open and close from the top and bottom – check out the video above to see it in action.

The head needs to move in three axis, so that will use three servos.

Two of those are at the front which deal with pan and tilt, the other is at the back of the neck and turns the whole assembly. The main rotation is running on bearings.

Here it is mounted – I’ve also built some body cosmetics.