Finishing the rigid suit part 2

Then car body filler was used, more sanding, filling, sanding and primer again:

My original ab plate was bolt flat, so once I’d cast the plastic version I heated it up and stretched the curve into it, followed by sanding, filling etc:

Here’s the back of the torso being cast etc:

Here’s the back and front together, I’ve left some overlap so there’s something to latch them together with:

Shoulder bells, which were pretty bad casts:

After a lot of clean up:



I’ve also built an opening mechanism for the arms:

Leg moulds and my first cast, which have been cleaned up slightly. Check out the leg moulding article.

Raw casts of the boots and thighs in fiberglass, check out the video at the top to see how they were made:

I’ve made vacuum formed pieces to replace the side panels of the thighs, which will also act to hold the two halves together and latch them onto the exoskeleton strapping system:

Here are the thighs after multiple passes of sanding and filling, still some more to do:

Completed boots, check out the Exoskeleton Strapping System page for more on these:

Pictures and details of the hands have their own project page: