Feet and Ankles

lThis page is about building the lower legs. Check out the main project index for the rest as the build takes place.

There are some YouTube videos about this section, scroll down for pictures and words.


This robot is designed to be a ‘blank robot’ which later gets dresses as various Sci-Fi characters. The robot will also be reconfigurable so that any changes due to ongoing development will not be too impactfull. The robot is constructed from 2020 Aluminium extrusion and 3D printed parts:

I’m using Blue ABS and Grey ColorFabb_HT for this project – check out the video above for more explanation.

The legs are built around parallelograms as they were with my Star Wars GONK Droid and other previous builds. The hinges are made from 6mm Stainless Steel rods.

I’m using electric drill motors and lead screws as the actuators which seem to be agile enough and don’t backdrive.

These are arranged in a ‘triangular’ arrangement on each side of the leg pushing the ankle around.