C-3PO Head Roto-Mould

14th September 2008

Since I have the moulds for C-3PO’s head, it should have been an easy task to make a good quality head in the first place. However, I didn’t want to use fibreglass due to the mess and vapour, so instead I just used plaster. I also didn’t want to make the head solid as it’s over 10 litres in volume, so I roto-moulded the head to make it hollow:

Basically I poured in about four litres of plaster and rotated the mould around so it stuck to the inside of the mould, leaving a space in the middle:

Here’s the bare plaster casting:

Painted up with lots of primer, as plaster is very absorbent:

…and some gold to match the body:

I also fitted lights in the eyes, just like in the movies:

And here it is on the body: