BB-9E Build

This page is about the actual build of my BB-9E which was used in the eBay promo with Colin Furze. There are two videos about this, or scroll down for pictures and words:

The main ball was made from 3D prints, printed on the Lulzbot MOARstruder in PLA, so they are really tough. I glued these together with superglue and used a jig to make sure the radius was perfect:

The main drive motor is fairly hefty – it has as planetary gearbox and the whole thing lives inside the hub of the main drive wheel:

Most of the internal structure is made from 2020 aluminium and more MOARstruder 3D prints, along with some steel brackets:

There is an axle running through the Droid, but it is nor driven – only for alignment:

The large motor drives the Droid along, and a smaller motor makes it lean sideways, moving the batteries and some other ballast:

As with my previous builds, the head has three castors:

The other half of the magnets that hold the head on are controlled by the head control arm – this has three servos to move it back/forward, left/right, and rotate it:

The head was 3D printed in multiple pieces, and I spent a long time making it glossy: