Batboard Mechanical Build

This page is about the core mechanical build of the Batboard. There are some YouTube videos about this, or scroll down for pictures and words:

I wanted to have a go at building a vehicle that has electric steering so I can make it intelligent – eventually it can be laser guided and have autonomous features. I decided to build a stand-on board that Batman would have.

The front steering wheels are mounted on Go-kart stub axles mounted the opposite way around – they will eventually be driven by an electric motor. The wheel hubs and tyres are 3D printed in PLA and Ninjaflex:

I’ve added some Turnigy 149Kv motors which are around 2KW each – each one has its own motor driver and battery. The steering is actuated by a wiper motor – check out the video above to see me riding it.

I’ve added the cosmetics – check out the third video above to see me ride it!