Ab, Kidneys and Spine

Iron Man Cosplay Torso

This page is about building the Abs and Kidneys, check out the main project index for the rest.

The Ab plate itself was originally made with foam, and then moulded and cast to make a rigid plate. However at that stage I didn’t make the rest of the Ab section – the Kidney and Spine parts.

There’s a YouTube video about this

For this section I will be using some different materials to the rest of the suit, but still working from the original Pepakura templates which you can find on the foam building page. I’ve used the templates to get the main shapes for the sections.

I’ve cut the parts out of Foam PVC, also knows as Foamex or Sintra. This is a dense rigid PVC foam board used by sign makers. It can easily be shaped with heat and cuts easily with a knife. I’ve used board that is 2mm thick:

The sections have been stuck to a thinner piece of Polystyrene sheet which is around 0.5mm thick. This allows for some flexibility of the whole piece. The spine section has been made separately and will be stuck to each side part with some layers of foam so that there is more flexibility down each side of the spine:

The pieces have been painted, I masked off the edges so I can glue them together plastic to plastic:

The inside is lined with foam for comfort:

The piece is just propped in place here. I’ll continue with the 3D printed strapping system for these pieces next.

Check out more of suit over on the torso strapping page: